Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Gave me a headache...and a terrible flashback

Remember those “pedagogic” documentaries you were forced to watch as a kid in fourth grade? The ones which were just as confusing as they were boring, and usually dealt with completely irrelevant subjects? The ones in which everyone, including the narrator, spoke with a strange accent, making them more or less incomprehensible even to native English-speakers? The ones which secretly made you wish it was grammar or math class, despite the fact that you didn't really like grammar or math?

This must be one of those documentaries.

It tells the incredibly relevant story of how West Papua (the western half of New Guinea) was transferred from Dutch to Indonesian rule circa 1960. Don't get me wrong, perhaps Australian kids need to learn this, New Guinea being in their backyard, but I hope they eventually get cooler teaching aids than “The Land of the Morning Star”…

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