Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Feel the bern, imperialista!

Sometimes I wonder if the extreme left just may have a point…

Just days before Bernie Sanders (unsurprisingly) endorsed Hillary Clinton, the small and super-red Spartacist League wrote on its website, under the headline “Fake Socialists Pimp for Imperialist Sanders” that “Sanders attracted support from college and other petty-bourgeois youth, as well as a layer of workers, by inveighing against Wall Street and promoting reforms. At the same time, he is a stalwart champion of bloody U.S. imperialism—from his support to the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force that launched the war on Afghanistan to his Senate vote endorsing the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza in 2014. Like Trump, Sanders also pushes chauvinist protectionism, which serves to set workers in the U.S. against their class brothers and sisters abroad.”

The Spartacist League then references a previous article on the subject published in their paper Workers Vanguard, titled “Bernie Sanders: Imperialist Running Dog”. The Spartacists continue: “To put it plainly: the pseudo-socialist groups that support Sanders have done their best, within the limits of their forces, to reinforce the ties that bind the working class politically to its class enemies. As revolutionary Marxists, we offer no political support on principle to any party of the bosses—not only the major parties of the U.S. ruling class, the Republicans and Democrats, but also small-time capitalist parties such as the Greens.”

That's right, the Green Party is no alternative either. Apparently, several pro-Sanders leftist groups have switched their allegiances to Jill Stein, the presumptive nominee of the Greens.

The stalwart Spartacist League is of another opinion: “Although it may sound more radical than Sanders’s, the Green Party’s platform is nothing but bourgeois liberalism, devoted to a utopian-reactionary fantasy of small-scale capitalism hostile to economic growth. For those disgruntled liberals who won’t hold their noses and vote for Clinton, the Greens provide a way station on the road back into the Democratic Party, typical of `progressive' bourgeois third parties in the U.S.”

But don't you worry, there *is* a solution to the current Sanders-Clinton mess, and it aint the BLM (also attacked in the article). No, the solution is “a multiracial, internationalist, proletarian party capable of leading the working class, at the head of all the oppressed, in the struggle for a victorious socialist revolution. On an international scale, working-class rule would lay the material basis for a global society without classes, in which material plenty has made poverty a thing of the past, imperialist wars are no longer possible and race and ethnicity have ceased to have any social significance. Such a party will be forged over the political corpses of those who pervert `socialism' into a tool to defend the current outlived social order.”

Amen! I admit that I laughed out loud when I read this. Come on, what decade is it? “Petty bourgeois”, “running dog of imperialism”, “fake socialists”, “utopian-reactionary fantasy”… HA HA HA! Sounds like something your local unfriendly Maoistic outfit might have written in a grand mimeographed bulletin circa 1975. The only solution, apparently, is “victorious socialist revolution…on an international scale”. Maybe Geezus (or whoever these guys are secretly worshipping…Gerry Healy? General Jaruzelski? Nina Hartley?) will come back, too, and establish his kingdom on Lower Manhattan.

Or they might just vote for Donald Trump. I mean, we're talking about the Spartacist League here, remember? They don't defend Muslim fundamentalists against “imperialist attack”, secretly support Israel and oppose open borders, so what's keeping them from joining the sealed Trump train?

Did I say that the extreme left sometimes makes sense?
Get real, I was only joking…

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