Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bad fiction

This is a badly written fictional ghost story promoted as “true”. While I can't *prove* that the story is fiction, Tami's and Jade's encounter with the "dogman" does sound extremely unrealistic.

The characters, a lesbian couple in the Tennessee wilderness, frequently behave in irrational ways. Hiking in the woods when you know a werewolf is on the loose doesn't sound like the behavior of a seasoned outdoorswoman whose father and brother were both killed by the monster. Drinking wine and beer in copious amounts under similar circumstances doesn't compute either. Sometimes, the story comes across as a stereotypically bad horror flick. Why would the two women in the story suddenly decide to take a bath, all nude, despite knowing that Something-Really-Strange-And-Monstrous must be nearby? Because that's what happens in bad horror flicks, obviously.

My impression is that the author wanted to write a typical Bigfoot story, but decided to switch the gender of the Bigfoot hunters from male to female. The main character, Tami, must be portrayed as inexperienced in order to be the audience substitute. So far so good, but Tami's lover Jade doesn't come across as the big game/monster hunter she is supposed to be. In the end, “Dogman” sounds like the story of two foolish women who are completely out of their depths. Thus, “Dogman” disappoints both as a factual account and as fiction.
Only two stars!

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