Friday, September 21, 2018

A champion, a champion, A CHAMPION!!!

A review of "ENFP: Understanding and Relating with the Champion"

Since I'm (supposedly) a so-called ISTJ, even writing about my absolute opposite, the ENFP, feels draining. My energy levels are really low right now. Even worse, I recently encountered an ENFP. Wow, just wow. I won't even tell you about her crazy ideas – which she promptly executed – except that they were…well, crazy. (Let's just say they included an unexpected trip to a Middle Eastern nation not usually visited by Western tourists, and for damn good reasons!) But yes, the description found in this little e-book fits, more or less, with my experience of these fellow human beings.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I read an attempt (by somebody on the web) to correlate MBPI personality types with astrological star signs. I don't think the anon was successful in this case, though, since he/she claimed that ENFP correlates with Scorpio. I would rather guess Pisces, but a very extroverted (in the everyday sense of that term) and Jovian Piscean, not the “standard” Neptunian-on-downers. (That would presumably be INFP, although I'm not absolutely sure.) It's also interesting to note that I never truly understood Pisceans. If they indeed are my exact opposites, that would explain a thing or two…

Sorry, have to leave to recharge in the company of a fact-oriented book on the Taylor system. ISTJ Ashtar, signing out!

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