Monday, September 17, 2018

Yes, that Roseanna Barr

This is indeed a peculiar Christmas decoration, showing the symbol of the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP), a left-wing political organization mostly active in California. The PFP was originally (circa 1968) a front group for the International Socialists (today known as Solidarity), a left-Shachtmanite organization. Don't ask me to explain what *that* means! The right-wing libertarian Murray Rothbard was briefly a member of the PFP during his entryist stint in the New Left.

Otherwise, the PFP are mostly known for its somewhat original presidential and vice-presidential candidates. To date, they have included Black Panther leader Eldrige Cleaver (who wasn’t even eligible to serve, being only 33 years old), world famous pediatrician Benjamin Spock, comic actor Roseanna Barr and convicted AIM activist Leonard Peltier, who serves a life sentence for killing two police officers (the U.S. left believes he was framed). Due to its open structure, the PFP is relatively easy to take over if you can rent-a-mob, something occasionally taken advantage of by everyone from Trotskyists to Newmanites (just google it).

Believe it or not, but I once met a man who was PFP elector back in 1968. If I ever meet him again, I suppose I could give him this as a gag gift...

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