Friday, September 21, 2018

Yes, Atlantis is rising

“Atlantis Rising” is a magazine devoted to rejected knowledge claims, from the search for Atlantis to Egyptian mysteries or UFOs. The articles are of a very varied quality, sometimes being sensationalist and/or extremely credulous, sometimes actually saying something worthwhile. This issue (the most recent one, somewhat anomalously dated January-February 2018) is no exception.

Useful and interesting pieces include Michael Cremo's article on mysterious human-like footprints recently discovered at Crete and believed to be 5.7 million years old, Robert Schoch's attempt to show that the so-called Wow signal could be of alien-ETI origin, and Ervin Laszlo's philosophical article on the “thinking universe”. The article about Omm Sety (Dorothy Eady), an Irish woman claiming to be a reincarnated Egyptian priestess while also working as an Egyptologist, was fascinating. On the negative side, at least from my perspective, is the constant AGW denialism and Obama-bashing in this issue, coupled with a strange obsession for space exploration, including adulation of Elon Musk. The recent revelations about Pentagon's UFO research are not included, so we will have to wait until March for editorial comments on those.

Overall, I would still say that this is one of the better issues I've seen of this rollercoaster ride of a magazine. But then, I suppose we all have our favorite mysteries. Maybe they just happened to cover mine…

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