Sunday, September 16, 2018

The war on Lucia, or a Christmas greeting from Sweden

For the nth time, Lucia is not a boy. Lucia is a GIRL. Why do feminists suddenly support this gross invasion of female spaces, I wonder? Males can participate in Lucia processions. They can be starboys or gnomes. But sure, everyone knows that dressing in a dunce cap with golden stars and singing about a stable boy, isn't a particularly cool part to play. For instance, I preferred being a gnome! At least you're relatively invisible. The really cool part is that of Lucia, which is reserved for a girl (specifically the “prom queen”), so naturally the uncool boys want to dethrone her and capture her crown…

Seriously though, the bitter truth is that the “liberals” (if that's what they are) really oppose the Lucia tradition itself, or couldn't care less about it, and hence want to sabotage it as much as possible before they can ban it outright in the name of “diversity”. It's a faint Swedish echo of the “war on Christmas” currently raging in the United States. As always, my fellow feminists play the role of dunces, this time by demanding that an all-female part should become male.

Perhaps they deserve to wear this cap. They certainly don't deserve the crown…

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