Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The peaceful road to self-management

Supposed photo of Marc Chirik, ICC´s founder 

International Review is the journal of the International Communist Current (ICC). The ICC is a small group within the Left Communist tradition. Their ideas are similar in some ways to those of the Italian Left Faction, a group which existed during the 1930's and 1940's. The ICC was formed in 1975, but their elderly leader Marc Chirik had been a supporter of the Left Faction 40 years earlier. I admit that I don't really like the ICC politically, and most of their material is useless for outsiders. The sole exception seems to be the book “The Italian Communist Left 1926-1945”, reviewed by me elsewhere.

This issue of International Review (no 7, November 1976) contains translations of articles on the Spanish Civil War from Bilan, the publication of the Italian Left Faction mentioned above. The Faction opposed both the Republic and Franco (an absurd position). The other articles are much less interesting, unless you absolutely want to read the first installment in the ICC-Combate saga, which ended with Combate refusing to sell ICC's journal in their self-managed bookshop in Portugal…

I don't think they lost much money on that decision.

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