Saturday, September 8, 2018

The old man and the whale

A review of the MonsterQuest episode "Real Moby Dick"

Another absurd episode of "MonsterQuest" in which the producer Hajicek and his team attempt to create some action out of essentially nothing at all. This time, they go searching for...the real Moby Dick?! You heard me. This despite the fact that one of the interviewees, a scholarly expert on Melville's book, points out that the author of "Moby Dick" consciously exaggerated the aggressiveness of sperm whales. Melville, after all, was telling a tale. But then, so is "MonsterQuest", I suppose.

Undaunted, the team travels to Portugal, where they try to find a supposedly super-aggressive albino sperm whale. Instead, one of the divers is stung in the face by a Portuguese man o' war! That is, a jellyfish-like creature. They also encounter a group of pilot whales. The few sperm whales avoid human contact, and no ferocious albino is in sight.

Ha ha ha.

If you have the right sense of humour, I suppose this *could* be entertaining...

But sure, in a *whaling* community, it's not difficult to find *whalers* with scars from sperm whale attacks. As the sole "reviewer" on Youtube so aptly put it: "We harpooned the whale but the evil thing was crazy for attacking back! Wow lol". Couldn't agree more. Of course an animal this large will ram whaling ships if it gets the opportunity. If you have any problem with that, please go fishin'.

The episode also contains a major gaffe. It claims that Jonah was swallowed by Leviathan! Come on, everyone knows it was a big fish... :P

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