Saturday, September 8, 2018

The kraken wakes

They are growing larger, they are conscious, they can make decisions, they couldn't care less about climate change, and - above all - THEY ARE COMING TO A BEACH NEAR YOU.

"Killer Jellyfish" is a sensationalist documentary, claiming that jumbo-sized, intelligent, venomous and presumably hungry "box jellyfish" are on the verge of a population explosion. Soon, most of the world might be overrun by these deadly creatures, which can kill a man with their tentacles in just three minutes.

And then, perhaps not.

I admit that I don't know anything about box jellyfish, but something makes me suspect that "MonsterQuest" are exaggerating. Indeed, the expedition draws a blank, as the weird weather makes the ultra-dangerous creatures stay away, and this from a species supposedly impervious to climate change! Only a few smaller jellyfish show up, forcing the scripted divers to scream a bit to get the ratings up...

And even if we are on the verge of a "kraken wakes" scenario, so what? The box jellyfish were here long before we showed up. Got a problem with that, mate? Pick a better planet, LOL.

Still, I'll give "Killer Jellyfish" three stars, for the entertainment value.

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