Sunday, September 23, 2018

The happy generations

A review of "7 Future Predictions: Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Henry Kissinger" 

This is a relatively uninteresting book, published by the Japanese new religion Happy Science. The group is led by Ryuho Okawa and seems to combine Buddhism, New Age, positive thinking and right-wing Japanese nationalism in about equal proportions. Okawa is most notorious for his “spiritual interviews” with various politicians and celebrities, really a form of séances during which Okawa claims to channel the guardian angels of Putin, Obama, Trump or Mandela.

This particular book contains an “interview” with the guardian spirit of Henry Kissinger! The séance is rather short and only fills one third of the e-book. The rest is a gigantic index of other books or pamphlets by Okawa. The first book by this author I've read seemed relatively serious, although I didn't believe in its contents. I think it was “The Laws of Eternity”. However, the channeled material strikes me as unserious and extremely frivolous. In this book, it's obvious that “Kissinger” is really Okawa himself, including the rambling style and the trade-mark expression “I think so”. During the séance, Kissinger reveals that he was Cassandra in a previous incarnation. His longstanding interest in China is due to a past life as Sima Yi, a prominent general and politician during the Three Kingdoms Period (I admit that I never heard of him before!). Well, that explains everything, doesn't it?

Not really recommended.

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