Saturday, September 8, 2018

The evil cult of Scientology

"Scientology: The Ex-Files" is a short Australian documentary from 2010 about the so-called Church of Scientology. The group, which spouts celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta on its roster, is often accused of being a cult.

Judging by this program, the accusation is well founded! I admit I wasn't surprised. The breaking up of families, recruitment of teenagers, long working hours, forced abortions and bizarre forms of punishment form the grim reality behind the smiling façade. There is even a kind of internal prison system, known as the RPF or the Rehabilitation Project Force.

"Scientology: The Ex-Files" features interviews with defectors from Sea Org, the elite corps of Scientology. There is also a suitably embarrassing interview with Tommy Davis, a well-known media spokesperson for the "Church". About a year ago, Davis disappeared under mysterious circumstances... Perhaps he ended up in the RPF?

There is very little about the message of Scientology in this documentary, neither the public message nor the real message (Xenu and the volcanoes, etc.) Nor does it say much about Hubbard, the founder of this particular pseudo-religion. If you don't know anything about the Scientologists, you might get somewhat confused. It's essentially a documentary focusing on the personal stories of a few victims of the cult.

However, since I don't like the "Church" of Scientology, I'm going to award "The Ex-Files" four stars anyway...

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