Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pulling a fast one

"Fastwalkers" is a dragging and somewhat amateurish "documentary" about UFOs and aliens. The film mostly consists of interviews with the hard-core fringe of the ufology community: Steven Greer, Wendelle Stevens, New Age channel Dolores Cannon, supporters of George Adamski, conspiracy theorists, etc. Some of the "evidence" offered includes the saucer photos taken by Adamski! Billy Meier is referenced as a credible source.

The claims in "Fastwalkers" are frequently as extreme as they are absurd: there is an Interplanetary Federation, at least 57 different alien races interact with humanity, there are 30 dimensions, an alien once participated at a meeting of scientists in Los Alamos dressed in a suite... We also learn that the aliens have white skin and blue eyes which turn pink as they grow older. They don't have teeth, though, and seem to be vegetarian.

OK. I hope they serve veggie food in the cantina at Los Alamos.

All is not well on the alien front, however, since the Illuminati have made a deal with a dark side faction of the Federation to get access to their free energy technology. Or something - "Fastwalkers" are unclear on whether the aliens are hostile or friendly. Greer, ever the optimist, thinks the latter, and some other interviewees claim that alien abductions and even cattle mutilations are somehow positive. Alien shock therapy?

"Fastwalkers" must be the most slow-paced and boring "far out" production I've ever seen. But sure, if you are obsessed by this subject, you might find it interesting. Or perhaps amusing...

Two stars.

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