Sunday, September 16, 2018

The biggest secret

This is the third season of “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura”, in which the colorful ex-governor of Minnesota is backed up by his son Tyrel and Oliver Stone's son Sean (who later converted to Shia Islam).

This season is far crazier than season one (I haven't yet seen season two). The Venturas and Sean Stone investigate supposed conspiracies involving death rays, remote mind control, alien invasion attempts, Illuminati hideouts in the Ozarks, and time travel. The first episode features the classical stand-off between Jesse Ventura and David Icke. It seems Icke's reptilian conspiracy was too much even for The Body.

The most interesting episode features entrepreneur Robert Bigelow and retired officer John F Alexander, two “elite” figures who are seriously interested in UFOs and the paranormal. Bigelow is bankrolling MUFON, while Alexander was involved in the First Earth Battalion, a secret project of the U S military to conduct research into New Age-related phenomena. Of course, conspiracy theorists charge the two insiders with knowing The Truth (or Too Much). They may indeed know something – but probably not more than your friendly neighborhood Theosophist, or even Colin Wilson!

While Ventura is clearly “out on a limb” with this one, I will nevertheless give his show three stars. If you take it as entertainment rather than serious investigative journalism, it could be worth some of your spare time…

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