Monday, September 17, 2018

Stronger together

I've been looking through the list of Hillary Clinton endorsers. Some are unremarkable, such as the Sierra Club, NOW, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO. Others are less so, such as Friends of the Earth Action, a "sister organization" to Friends of the Earth, generally regarded as very left-wing and anti-establishment. It seems they were not. But sure, a world war with Russia might save the world from global warming, I suppose, although I'm not sure if nuclear winter would be appreciably better...

The group that stands out the most is easily Hookers for Hillary, described as a semi-formal network of sex workers in Nevada! With an ironic smirk on my face, I also noted Al Gore on the list. Yes, *that* Al Gore, the guy who refused to concede defeat to George W Bush in 2000. Notably absent from the list are the 4 million dead voters known as Zombies for Chillary, but I suppose Wikipedia isn't infallible.

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