Monday, September 24, 2018

State of Cinderella

A review of fake stamps sold by Amazon. 

I have done some research on the web. It seems that State of Oman stamps are valid if issued before June 1972. Thus, the stamps here (beautiful as they are) are invalid issues, since they are clearly marked *August* 1972. Apparently, they were printed by Clive Feigenbaum, who also issued “stamps” for Nagaland and the almost uninhabited islet Staffa in the UK. I actually have some Staffa “stamps” myself, and they *were* used (after a fashion) from the island's only mailbox.

I never heard of Feigenbaum's Omani cinderellas before, however. The State of Oman (or Imamate of Oman) was an actual state until 1959, when the neighboring Sultanate of Muscat and Oman (with British support) conquered it and overthrew its last ruling imam. And yes, the war was about oil. The imam was nevertheless recognized as the legitimate ruler by most Arab nations until 1970-71. They also recognized the exile government's stamps. After the effective dissolution of the exile government structures, it also ceased issuing stamps.

While the stamps shown here are thus fake, some people do collect Feigenbaum's cinderellas (I did it myself during my sadly misspent childhood), so I will nevertheless give this sheet five stars!

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