Sunday, September 23, 2018

Reviewing the presidents

Yes, the U.S. presidents are fascinating…

The militia movement likes GEORGE WASHINGTON, despite the fact that he would have suppressed it without mercy if given half the chance.

Libertarians love ANDREW JACKSON, the first machine politician and rabble-rousing demagogue in U.S. history, who openly disregarded the U.S. constitution.

Liberals consider GENERAL GRANT to be one of the greatest presidents ever. Yet, Grant actually contemplated removing Blacks from the United States by sending them to Santo Domingo, a Hispanic nation the old general wanted to colonize!

Conservatives regard THEODORE ROOSEVELT as a hero. In actual fact, TDR was a Green progressive who liked yogurt and had a political program strikingly similar to that of FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT.

Nobody seems to like WOODROW WILSON, the president who actually turned America into a world power and budding empire.

Christian Paleo-Conservatives worship RONALD REAGAN, who cooperated with the Khmer Rouge, Afghan Islamists and Red China, increased “Third World” immigration and increased the national debt from 997 billion to 2.85 trillion. Reagan also believed in astrology.

Leftists love BARACK OBAMA who waged more foreign wars than GEORGE W BUSH, but hate FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT whose main war saved the world from literally Hitler.

American Jews hate DONALD TRUMP, a personal friend of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Half of Trump's family is Jewish.

Don't even get me started on the Vice Presidents…

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