Wednesday, September 19, 2018

One with God

Val Waldeck is a South African Christian writer. This little e-book, excerpted from a longer work, isn't particularly interesting, unless you want an easy guide to Trinitarian proof texts or early Church controversies. Not bad in itself, perhaps, but since the e-book is marketed as a polemic against Oneness Pentecostals, it might be somewhat disappointing to find that most of it isn't specifically about this current. Indeed, about half of the e-book isn't about the Trinity either, but a general overview of evangelicalism and “how to spot a cult”. Waldeck's definition of cult is the usual one among evangelicals: anyone who isn't, well, evangelical is therefore cultic! I'm not sure if that approach computes with “reasoning together” with an Oneness believer… I'm not sure how to rate this work. On the one hand, the summary of pro-Trinitarian arguments is very well done, certainly for a summary. On the other hand, most other material feels like “filler” and can also be found (verbatim) in other e-books in this series. Two-and-a-half stars?

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