Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Julian Bakery: Biting the visible hand that feeds you

A "review" of something called Paleo-Bread, sold by Amazon 

Historians often mock Roman emperor Julian the Apostate for his failure to impose price controls on the bakers in Antioch during a famine. Why, the bakers (who no doubt believed in an early Graeco-Syriac version of Adam Smith) simply left Antioch and set up shop outside the city limits, presumably charging full prices. What these historians tend to forget, is that Julian did save the Antiochenes from starvation by commandeering bakeries in the city itself. Apparently, the good people of Antiochia complained about the indignity of having to eat bread every day!

During a famine…?

Gee wiz, and this complaint is taken seriously by modern British scholars?! Presumably they believe that Julian should have given them cakes instead! Well, if the Antiochenese had just taken a walk outside the city limits, I'm sure they could have had their little cookies, too.

At “invisible hand” prices, of course.

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