Sunday, September 16, 2018

Muh Putin

For decades, we've been told by well-educated liberal pundits that we must not, repeat not, under ANY circumstances believe in conspiracy theories, since they “risk undermining democracy”. Every political assassination is carried out by lone gunmen, and if a limited conspiracy happens somewhere, it will *always* be discovered, since Liberal Democracy is the best system ever constructed anywhere in the known universe (or at least on this side of the Antares star system). And let's not forget that everyone who believes in conspiracy theory is, essentially, a Nazi.

However, there seems to be one conspiracy theory even liberals can believe in. In fact, they *must* believe in it to remain liberals in good standing. We could call it “Muh Putin”. While the Russians (of course) have influence agents all over the world (who hasn't?), the concrete evidence for specific Muh Putin conspiracies so far seems to be mostly lacking. Yet, the conspiracy theory just grows bigger and bigger, with one Swedish Green Party spokesperson suggesting that somehow Putin was behind the recent migrant crisis, too, in order to weaken the European Union! By that logic, the Green Party (which supports open borders) are Putinists themselves! Surely, even conspiracy theories should make some sense?

Meanwhile, capitalist George Soros finances the anti-capitalist American left, while the foreign policy establishment in Washington wants to arm “Muslim” terrorists in Syria on behalf of a Qatari-controlled oil pipeline, Qatar being the main broker of radical “Islamic” terrorism after the Saudis got cold feet (or at least one cold foot). Gee, it's almost as if some kind of conspiracy was being hatched here. But surely, that can't be true, because…you know…it would be a grave threat to our democracy to even hint at the possibility of such things!!!

Move along, there is nothing to see…except Muh Putin.

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