Monday, September 24, 2018

Literal creepypasta

“The Slenderman Mysteries” is an extremely eclectic book by Nick Redfern, the paranormal researcher and monster hunter. Strictly speaking, only a few chapters are about Slenderman (or the Slender Man), a fictitious demon created by Eric Knudsen at the “Something Awful” web forum. The fantasy demon came to life when people began to encounter it IRL, most tragically during the 2014 Slender Man stabbing case in Wisconsin…

The rest of the book covers other ghost stories, MIBs, the NZ Parker-Hulme murder case, astral travel, Chaos Magick, Mothman, the Singularity and even a peculiar subset of the Bronie fandom known as tulpamancers. The connection to Slenderman isn't always obvious, and I got the impression that the author has cut-and-pasted very different material in order to write the book as fast as possible. Or perhaps he has created his very own creepypasta?

This *could* be entertaining (after a fashion) if you're into H P Lovecraft, ghost stories or belong to some paranormal-related subculture on the web, but the book lacks a real synthesis (at least in this work, Redfern is no John Keel or Jacques Valée). I was somewhat disappointed with this material, frankly. That being said, I nevertheless give it three stars. And hey hey, let's be careful out there!

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