Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ice on the rocks

Amazon actually sold a portrait of Hans Hörbiger. Wow, where are the SJWs when you need them?

Ooops, look what I found! A poster of Hanns Hörbiger, the founder of WEL, Welteislehre or Glazial-Kosmogonie, a pseudo-scientific school of thought which flourished in interwar Germany and Austria, and later became associated with Nazism. It seems both Hitler and Himmler were interested in it. Post-war, WEL was propagated by Hans Schindler Bellamy, whose name often pops up in association with Velikovsky and Däniken. I know relatively little about WEL, but what I do know I learned already as a teenager, from reading Patrick Moore's immensely entertaining “Countdown, or how nigh is the end”. What surprises me somewhat is that Hörbiger (who was an actual scientist) claimed to have discovered WEL trough a revelatory dream, and that Bellamy made a similar claim. But then, WEL was launched during a period when the educated public was obsessed with Freud and Jung, so that may explain the somewhat unusual claim to authority! Perhaps I will return to the World Ice Theory in the future, unless an icy moon causes an explosion in my backyard, but for now, I will have to leave you with this peculiar little portrait of the man who gave us cosmic chills…

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