Sunday, September 16, 2018

I can't wait until Black Friday

A review of some kind of bloody Halloween product.

Funny, but I admit that I don't like Halloween, which (witch?) has traditionally not been celebrated in Sweden, thank god (Thor?). At some point during the 1990's, this annoying American tradition came to Sweden, probably not introduced by American expats (nor witches), but by the local retail stores!

The thing caught on, and every year the retailers now have a Halloween turnover of one billion kronor. You know the drift: plastic pumpkins, plastic spiders and, ahem, witches' costumes. For a number of years, people insisted on celebrating Halloween on the same date as All Saints' Day, a very respectable Christian holiday. TV networks followed suit, showing horror films (including “Halloween”) on prime time, which actually angered the Church of Sweden, which usually doesn't protest anything (except Biblical Christianity). These days, the two occasions are usually and thankfully separated.

Personally, I'm a Halloween-hater, but since I live in a residence building with no axess to outsiders, I usually don't have to cope with rowdy tweens dressed in funny hats demanding “treats” or else attacking my door handle with peanut butter. Others are not so lucky. Frankly, I can't wait 'til All Saints' Day…or Black Friday when book prices drop 20%, LOL.

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