Sunday, September 16, 2018

Give us more state senate seats, or give us death

A review of the flag of the "Jefferson State" 

This is the flag of "Jefferson State", really a separatist movement of sorts which demands the establishment of a 51st U.S. state in northern California and southern Oregon. Some local authorities in northern California actually support the movement, although it's not clear to me whether they *really* intend to secede from California or are simply trying to put pressure on the present state administration to redress certain grievances considering representation or tax codes. Probably the latter. The name Jefferson State (or State of Jefferson) is obviously inspired by Washington State. So is the flag - the flag of Washington is green, with a portrait of George Washington on a yellow seal. Movements of this kind are usually just a curiosity, but given the rapidly deteriorating situation in these United States lately, who knows when this flag will actually be hoisted on the Californian-Oregonian border by some sombre militiamen...

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