Saturday, September 1, 2018

Don't get stuck at Staffa

Ah, this brings back fond memories. A Staffa postage stamp! In elementary school, me and my best friend collected stamps. Some of these came our way. At sale in the local supermarket, LOL. We had never heard of Staffa before, so we checked up the place in my father's *very* detailed super-world atlas. Sure enough, we found Staffa. It's a small cliff just off the coast of Scotland?! Naturally, we drew the conclusion that the stamps (which showed birds) were bogus, fake and forged. And yes, we loved every minute of it. Apparently, these stamps were produce by a colourful British businessman, one Clive Feigenbaum. They weren't *completely* bogus, though. The small island is uninhabited (except by sea birds), but apparently visiting tourists could use a mail box on the island. The owner of the island gave Feigenbaum permission to print "stamps", which were ostensibly valid at this particular mail box! A tourist attraction, no doubt. If this is one of the pseudo-genuine Feigenbaum stamps, or an even later forgery-of-the-forgery, I honestly don't know. The Basset hound looks cute, though.

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