Sunday, September 23, 2018

Devil in disguise?

Behold, the White Witch of Narnia!

A review of a troll pamphlet titled "Satanists for Trump". 

This is a short statement, shorter than this review. Here is an even shorter sample: “A Trump presidency will result in environmental disaster, species extinction, drought and famine. Trump has advocated nuclear weapon proliferation which if effectuated will almost inevitably lead to nuclear wars. Trump has advocated trade wars, a policy which will result in a world depression.”

I like the way these leftist anti-imperialistas support the great power nuclear oligopoly and NAFTA-TPP. That great sucking sound you just heard are all the working class jobs being off-shored! But then, they probably aren't real leftists anyway. The statement is obvious parody, probably written by Clintonistas, the more so since the Satanic Temple explicitly opposed both Cruz and Trump during the primaries, and even participated in the DC protests against the inauguration…

So real Satanists, ahem, support the Democrats?! Ouch!

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