Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dead whales, all in color

“Wonders of the Oceans” is a book best suited for children, perhaps in the age span 10-14. It's publication history is somewhat unclear, the book being attributed to “Walt Disney” (obviously Walt Disney Productions) but said to have a Dutch original, written by Frank de Graaf of the Amsterdam zoo. “Wonders of the Oceans” contains basic information on various marine animals, mostly fishes, but also some marine mammals and invertebrates. Birds are not covered. A bizarre detail is that most photos of whales show dead whales on the deck of whaling ships! Perhaps there weren't so many photos of living whales available back in 1970? A plus is that all photos (not just of the poor whales) are in color. Could be a good gift to school kids. The Walt Disney label is there for a reason…

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