Saturday, September 8, 2018

Come on, it's just hungry

This special episode of "MonsterQuest" is essentially a 90 minute long hate speech against the Great White Shark. It's a "monster", a "beast", "ferocious", consciously "stalk" humans like a "serial killer", and can be compared to Jack the Ripper! Northern California's coastal waters are known as The Red Triangle "for the blood that often stains it waters".

And so on...

Has it never occurred to these people that the Great White might just be hungry?

The most sober expert on the show points out that the increase in shark attacks on the U.S. Pacific coast have two pretty logical explanations. For starters, there are more people using the sea today than a generation ago. Another, more ironic reason, is that humans almost exterminated the Great White Shark off the Californian coast during the "Jaws" scare of the 1970's. This made the seal population spin out of control, which eventually made it possible for the Great White to stage a comeback. Great White Sharks, of course, feed on seals. The more seals, the more sharks... Humans, by contrast, aren't on the shark's regular menu, and most attacks are mistakes, territorial behaviour or "test-bites" (sharks test-bite unfamiliar objects).

Yet, "MonsterQuest" acts as if the Great White Sharks were some kind of terrorists or crime gangs, targeting mankind. Yawn. In my opinion, these guys should concentrate on Bigfoot and the Ogopogo!

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