Wednesday, September 19, 2018

But where is the king of Sweden...?

“The Living World of Animals” is a coffee table type book, with lavish color photos of animals and animal habitats from all over the world. The book was published by the British Reader's Digest Association in collaboration with WWF. Ironically, there is only one photo of the giant panda in the entire 500-page volume! The book is divided into chapters roughly based on biotope and geographical area, with additional chapters on prehistoric animals and animal taxonomy. Some of the information is bound to be out of date. For instance, I noted that Ramapithecus was depicted as a bipedal ape-man…

I actually have a Swedish edition of this book, “Världens djurliv”, which I got already as a kid and found extremely exciting. It was something of my “bible” for a while. Today, I find the book well produced but perhaps a bit boring. I also note that the Swedish version has short prefaces by Crown Prince Harald of Norway, Prince Henrik of Denmark and President Urho Kekkonen of Finland…but no Swedish royalty or government member!


Four stars for the photos, three stars overall.

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