Sunday, September 16, 2018

An effective team

“Oblivion” is a somewhat confusing science fiction film featuring clones, drones, aliens and post-apocalyptic conspiracies. A romance has been thrown in, as well. Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman star the main protagonists.

The plot is set on Earth after a devastating war between humans and aliens known as “scavengers” or “scavs”. Weirdly, the aliens are on the planet surface, while the humans live on a space station known as the Tet. The main hero, Jack (who works for Tet), discovers that his memories have been wiped out and that something is seriously wrong about the whole post-apocalyptic scenario. Supposedly radioactive zones turn out to be safe, clones of Jack and his co-pilot show up, and Jack's own wife (believed to be dead) is rescued from a mysterious space module. The mission recorder tells a shocking story which will make Jack question everything, including his very identity, and once again put the fate of humanity in the balance…

It's not really a bad film, but the story (including the ending) is difficult to comprehend unless you're paying really good attention, or cheat by reading the Wikipedia entry. Well, the ending is actually incomprehensible anyway. Be that as it may, I will nevertheless give this post(?)apocalyptic fantasy the OK rating – three stars.

We *are* an effective team, right?

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