Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A devil we know

A review of a bizarre flag on sale from Amazon

This is apparently the International Satanic Pride Flag (!), by which I assume the original vendor means a general pro-Satanist symbol, not a specifically gay Satanist ditto. Quoting from the excellent resource FOTW: "The flag consists of five stripes containing three colors, black, red and silver. These colors were chosen after considering input from hundreds of Satanists worldwide. These new symbols and colors are a great way to discreetly express your Satanic Pride to other Satanists.” Discreetly? Well, since new versions of this banner apparently include goats with cloven feet or huge pentagrams with five points, I take it that Old Nicky and his acolytes have finally come out of the catacombs (or wherever such people gather). If this really makes your local diversity festival in Downstate California better, is perhaps another question entirely…

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