Sunday, September 16, 2018

The truth is out there, agent Greer

A review of "The UFO Phenomenon" by John Michael Greer 

If you are an avid and fervid true believer in the odd idea that our little rock in space is some kind of interplanetary hub of truly grand proportions, being the destination of choice of at least a dozen alien races and their luminous craft, in short, if you believe the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is the only possible explanation of the UFO phenomenon, you will probably consider this intriguing book to be another part of the Illuminati conspiracy to hide the facts and silence Those Who Disagree. Your suspicions will be further aroused once you realize that the author, John Michael Greer, believes in peak oil and is a 32 degree Scottish Freemason.

Thus, most prospective readers won't like this one! The author believes that many UFO sightings are earth lights, or bizarre hallucinations induced by too much misspent time reading old pulp fiction magazines.

But no, it's not a skeptical-debunking book. Far from it. The mysterious author (whose name doesn't show up in standard web searches) does express a strong belief in conspiracy theory. However, it may not be the conspiracy you think is out there. In fact, you may be so shocked by the author's sinister conclusions that you might decide to remain in Illuminati-land with the shape shifting lizards and the blue pills!

That, of course, is where “They” want you to be…


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