Saturday, September 8, 2018

No blueberry pie, no Bigfoot. Well, who can blame him?

"Sasquatch Attack II" is a sequel to the sensational "MonsterQuest" episode "Sasquatch Attack". Unfortunately, it's not that interesting. But then, sequels never are, are they?

The MonsterQuest team returns to the remote cabin in Canada where they were attacked by an unknown creature hurling small rocks, and later found primate DNA. Jeff Meldrum, one of the few scientists who take Sasquatch or Bigfoot seriously, was part of that expedition.

The new expedition is far less dramatic and returns empty-handed, despite including both Meldrum and his colleague Esteban Sarmiento. The "primate DNA" turns out to come from fungi, while hair from the scene of the Bigfoot attack is found to be human and bleached! No rock-throwing takes place either. Sarmiento and Meldrum speculate that perhaps the absence of blueberries explains why the squatch has vacated the area. Not even a bizarre experiment involving gorilla urine can make the elusive man-beast show itself. Perhaps they should have tried Red Bull Blueberry Flavour? Meanwhile, eye-witnesses report seeing the monster at a place much further south...

All being said, a very boring episode. But then, "MonsterQuest" is never very exciting, is it?

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