Friday, September 21, 2018

Moonbat falling

This is the third issue of “Atlantis Rising” I'm reviewing. It's also the most immoderate one. Most of the articles are moonbat material pure and simple.

Dyson spheres, fallen angels, Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, Jesus was a Judeo-Christian ruler of Syria and the model for King Arthur, Hitler escaped to Argentina, and the (obviously fake) Chronicle of Akakor are some of the topics featured in this breathtaking issue, which reminds me of the old Nexus magazine.

And yes, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was a Rosicrucian Cathar Mason who knew the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau, while both the Bible, Shakespeare and Plato's dialogues contain secret numerological codes which may unlock the deeper truths of cosmic creation. Or something to that effect.

Some claims are obviously corny (the crusaders apparently wanted to liberate the Jews from the Muslims!?) or downright incomprehensible. Redeeming features: material on the Lost Civilization and neo-catastrophism. I recently developed a soft spot for both. On a really good day, I can even stomach a fallen angel or two. The rest might as well sink down into the sea again…

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