Sunday, September 16, 2018


A review of "The Divine Word of Kek" 

Not good. There are much better memes of both Pepe, Kek and Harambe at the soon-to-be-censored Twitter accounts of average Alt-Lite trolls, so something tells me Saint Obamas MomJeans is trolling us with this second-rate collection. Presumably this is Kekism's version of "bowdlerized religion for moderates", a bit like the Emerging Church, perhaps? Kek shalt not be mocked, however, and will soon send 10,000 toads to punish the heathen vanilla Kekists! At his apotheosis, he shall take the form of Golden Pepe and reveal his true scripture, the Kekronomicon. A piece of esoteric lore not mentioned by Saint Obamas is that Kek has a female consort, known as Thot, taking the form of a Black woman. It is said in the Kekronomicon that even Lord Kek himself pays Her alimony. This may come as a surprise to the Alt-Right Twitter trolls, but the ways of our Lord are discordian...

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