Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fake news

I actually managed to post this on Amazon, despite the hysteria around Pizzagate! Yes, it was a faux review of a book by Abramovic... 

Since you wonder, I don't believe in the “Spirit Cooking” conspiracy theory. I *do* believe that Marina Abramovic and her devotees have an incredibly bad taste in art, so bad in fact, that it's almost a “lesser evil” argument to vote for pro-wrestler champion Donald Trump, who at least knows how to decorate a hotel!

Personally, I think the decadent gay art of the 18th century aristocracy, the so-called Rococo, was about 100 times more artistically pleasing than Marina's happenings. I have a reproduction of a Rococo painting on my living room wall. In fact, I think The Donald should commission a nativity scene in Rococo style and put in on the White House lawn, just to show the Dadaistic “elite” that there's a new art czar in town.

And no, I don't necessarily oppose Yugoslav avant-garde. I'm old enough to remember Laibach. I admit that their irreverent attacks on Martin Luther King, the Rolling Stones and Austrian pop band Opus were great fun, LOL. Perhaps Laibach can perform that Rococo nativity scene…?

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