Sunday, September 16, 2018

Face off

Some reflections on the weird 5th November celebrations in the UK.

Strange how a terrorist who wanted England to revert to the High Catholicism of Bloody Mary and the Great Armada has become a symbol of anarchistic resistance to the Blue Pill Powers That Be, but then, stranger things have happened. I mean, anti-Semites claim to be the lost tribes of Israel, Palestinian Christians claim to be Canaanites, Russians form Nazi parties, and the Hungarians have become pro-Russian! Meanwhile, libertarians eulogize Andrew Jackson (the first U.S. machine politician), conservatives like Teddy Roosevelt (who was practically a socialist), while liberals actually vote Hillary Clinton (a Neo-Con pantsuit aficionado).

The world, sheriff Truman, is a strange and beautiful place.
Well, at the very least it's bloody strange!

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