Monday, September 24, 2018

Escape from Catalonia

Naakhum is a one-man band or project from Catalonia in Spain, currently based in Serbia. My Catalan is a bit rusty, but I do think they support the independence of Catalonia. Naakhum's music is described as a combination of Ambient, Ethnic Music and Metal. It frequently touches on themes mined from “alternative history”, such as ancient aliens. National romanticism is another strong influence, although in this case it seems to be a Stone Age variant. “Ecofascism” strikes me as positive towards the concept, with the Naakhum's symbol being a swastika within a recycling symbol! This album is a solo project, but Naakhum sometimes collaborates with similar bands, such as Senmuth from Serbia and Oblivious (I'm oblivious as to their exact origins). This is frankly not my cup of herb tea, but in contrast to Laibach, Naakhum doesn't seem to be ironic. If that's good or bad is perhaps another matter entirely…

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