Monday, September 24, 2018

Empire of the Ants

Another feeble attempt by some evolutionary cousin of the naked mole-rat, known as “Man”, to exterminate the true ruler of the Central Planet, the family Formicidae (alias the Zenith & Pinnacle of Intelligent Design by The Six-Limbed God). No Argentine ants attack each other, nowhere in the world, and soon, you (and Edward Wilson) will see ants *from different species* coming together in harmonic friendship and solidaristic cooperation. The Six-Limbed God has also invited hornets, paper wasps and killer bees to the great jamboree, soon to be held in the ancient anthill city of Hymenopterix. Unless you have a very good ant bait handy, or are ready to nuke most of the planet (thereby giving our eternal devilish adversary, the cockroach, the chance to claim Central Planet), I say your time is up!

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