Monday, September 24, 2018

Amber psy-ops

The Phoenix Lights was a strange phenomenon appearing over Phoenix in Arizona in 1997. Many associated the mysterious lights with UFOs and aliens. Arizona government Fife Symington ridiculed the UFO true believers during a notorious press conference, but years later, the now ex-governor admitted that he had seen the Phoenix Lights himself!

This documentary was made by Lynne Kitei, an eye-witness to the phenomenon. Interestingly, she saw UFOs already three years before the Phoenix Lights appeared. I don't doubt the honesty of the witnesses interviewed, but I think it's obvious that what they saw was some kind of secret military experiment. The UFO angle is a psy-ops, and I wouldn't be surprised if the governor's sudden “conversion” is really part of the operation. The US military uses belief in UFOs and aliens to cover up its experiments with spy planes, stealth planes, etc. Officially, they are never tested above urban areas. In reality, they obviously have to be so tested…

For more on this, see John Michael Greer's “The UFO Phenomenon” and Greg Bishop's “Project Beta”. In 30 years or so, we will get to know the truth about the Phoenix Lights. Or even earlier, if the US uses the “V” (or whatever it really was) to bomb some enemy nation in the Middle East…

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