Sunday, September 16, 2018

Zombie whales or peak oil?

A review of "How to Survive the End of the World, Season 1" 

This is really a science fiction/entertainment show, disguised as some kind of “science” program. It features a number of *very* unlikely apocalyptic scenarios, hoary special effects and faux interviews with scientists speculating about what may or may not happen if the impossible does happen.

In one episode, a virus from a crazy humpback whale zombifies most of the species Homo. In another, a collision with a mini-black hole triggers volcanic eruptions that soon engulf our entire globe. Even climate change scenarios are caused by cosmic impacts in this production.

I can understand why a certain kind of scyfy buffs (or Velikovskians!) may like this, but personally, I don't think the End Of The World As We Know It is *that* funny, since I happen to believe that it will happen. Modern civilization is on a rendezvous with disaster, but I'm not talking zombies or late nite entertainment. I'm talking about, ahem, peak oil and AGW...

Being hit by something as exotic as a primordial black hole left over from the Big Bang sounds almost like salvation by comparison!

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