Monday, September 24, 2018

Made my Christmas great again

Boney M's Christmas collection seems to exist in a number of different versions. So many, in fact, that I wonder whether they released the same album every year for Christmas, but with different covers?

As I said in a review of another edition, I played this on a very high volume in mid-summer when my neighbor went mustang with Britney Spears songs. It was a veritable culture war, Christmas carols versus Daughter of Sin, LOL. You *could* play this on normal volume during the actual Christmas season, too, if you like that approach better…

I usually find Christmas carols boring or plain terrible, and some make me feel weirdly uneasy (I mean, “Silent Night”, what's up with that?), so I suppose you could say that Boney M saved my Yuletide sanity and made Christmas Day great again!

Five stars.

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