Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Holiday at Manzanilla Beach

Good if you're planning to visit Morne le Croix, Para junction, Manzanilla beach, Bon Accord sewage ponds or some other classical bird haunt at Trinidad and its sibling island Tobago. Not good if you simply plan to cruise the carnival in Port of Spain or prefer the tranquility of your backyard in New England. Yes, this is a field guide to things feathery and beaky on Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean nation. I admit that I didn't like it (the field guide, I mean). The illustrations are bad, especially if you are used to bird books designed by Lars Jonsson. Yes, I know, I'm a spoiled White man! Still, it's a pity Jonsson never took a trip to Manzanilla beach, it could have led to some interesting pieces of artwork…

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