Monday, September 24, 2018

When Bigfoot goes bad

My review of "Bigfoot: The Dark Side" by Rusty Wilson

For the record, I don't think these are true stories. I think Rusty Wilson is a fiction writer, and that the “true story” claim is part of his marketing. I also think he is somewhat uneven as a writer. This is not one of his better books. The stories aren't *that* scary, and feel dragging. Some sound unrealistic – no problem if it's fiction, but perhaps if you claim it's a true event? (Yes, even Bigfoot tales can be more or less realistic!)

If read carefully, many of the stories are actually pretty similar. The main character is usually a failed professional, who goes into the wilderness to find himself (or herself), only to be plagued by strange nightmares, disorientation, dark shades on recently made photos, other obvious warning signs, and then…wham! In these tales, Bigfoot is after fresh meat, or wants to kill you for reasons unknown, and is often associated with the paranormal. While the book isn't that good, I suppose it could work as cultural studies. Rusty is a popular writer – perhaps some Bigfoot fans want the hairy man to be this way…?

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