Monday, April 22, 2019

The last Druid

I didn´t find this clip particularly enlightening, but I decided to link to it anyway. Ben McBrady (who died in 1996) called himself “the last Druid”, and this clip features an uncritical interview with him. McBrady, who lived in Ireland, was supposedly initiated into an ancient secret society, The Old Gaelic Order, at the age of 12. After 18 years of training, he became a member of an isolated “triad” or cell of said order. When the interview was taped, McBrady claimed to have been the last surviving member not only of the triad but of the entire order.

Surprisingly, McBrady says very little about the actual beliefs and practices of The Old Gaelic Order. Perhaps they were too secret? According to the website “The Order of Druids in Ulster”, the Gaelic Order had sacred dances, kundalini experiences and could communicate with otherworldly beings. How do they know this?

Instead, McBrady spends most of his time spinning an alternative history of the world in general and Ireland in particular, while claiming to be the descendant of ancient Irish kings and Druids. He is supposedly also related to a great number of Christian saints. McBrady´s story begins with a gigantic cataclysm during which Earth was showered with meteors. Before this event, humans had telepathic abilities. Afterwards, the trauma of the cosmic disaster made most humans forget their telepathy, forcing them to invent language. The remaining telepaths formed a secret society and eventually reached Ireland, where they infiltrated (McBrady´s word) the Druid hierarchy and later founded true Christianity. Jesus himself visited Ireland and was taught the true Christian message, which resurfaced during the Middle Ages as Celtic Christianity and Pelagianism. Paul´s Roman Christianity is a fake version.

The mission of the Old Gaelic Order is to train every member in “all” knowledge, so humanity can begin anew from scratch even if only one person remains after a cosmic disaster. (Of course, it would have to be a member of the Order! And how can they reproduce if only one person remains? Another secret?) Despite having all knowledge, it seems the Order is doomed due to the new forms of mass communication. I´m not sure why – I got the impression that McBrady claims that electricity has somehow destroyed our brains! However, he also claims that the Order can and will change, so presumably he isn´t the literally last Druid after all…

Not sure what the old man studied for 18 years, but here are some suggestions: Donnelly, Velikovsky, Richard Williams Morgan, Iolo Morganwg… I don´t think the Old Gaelic Order, if it ever existed, was particularly old. Who knows, maybe it was founded by McBrady himself.

In other news, a comic actor just became president in Europe´s largest war-zone…


  1. this is a vulgar and condescending review. one only has to watch the you tube documentary to experience the authenticity of McBrady's life...his solitary study and practice in a remote part of Ireland...he made no claims of specialness, even though this reviewer writes as if he did.

  2. Ashtar Command is the last druid.

  3. Unnecessarily harsh review. When watching his interview, you can see that McBrady held a deep wisdom and clarity. Some of his claims might sound outlandish, however what do we really know?

    An excellent source of information and inspiration for those with an open mind.

  4. Rather than discuss the validity in Mr. McBrady's claim (since even fiction contains some element of truth), I watched the video and followed it with my usual research.
    I was curious, if the Phoenician Order were Baal worshippers, is there a reason they "moved on" from that belief? Is it possible that, based on the understanding that the Order's mission was the gathering of knowledge, they had learned that the Baal-worship belief system was only a small piece of the knowledge they sought?
    That would explain why the seekers moved on to other groups of people. Claiming to be the last of his kind was interesting to me. To know you are the last seems to say that you've given up on the original mission. It would seem that the perpetuation of the mission would have required a member to at least pass their knowledge on to the one they've prepared to carry on once you've left this existence...
    But, I could be wrong...

  5. Yeah a bit harsh. I've studied most mystical traditions and try to maintain them as a Perennial Hippie, through my advocacy on various issues. This knowledge, gnosis, requires no specific book or ideology as it has and continues to be accessible to everyone that wonders "why are we really here." McBrady's interview perfectly reflects this quest and understanding.