Saturday, April 13, 2019

The arrest of Julian Assange

No, it wasn´t the cat that got Assange arrested 

Funny how Julian Assange was arrested just a couple of weeks after the Mueller probe de facto exonerated Donald Trump from suspicions of Russian collusion. A co-incidence? No idea, and we´ll probably have to wait a while to get the full truth, but it *does* look strange. 

Apparently, Mueller has indicted 16 Russians for collaborating with Wikileaks (the famous DNC leak). After the arrest of Mr Wikileaks himself, Trump´s opponents can continue the Russian Narrative for another one or two years – including the election year of 2020. After all, it was “thanks to Wikileaks” that Trump won the elections, according to the “liberal” pundits. In other words, “muh Russia”. 

This makes me wonder who is behind the arrest of Assange, and why. If Trump himself, he is extremely inept. Or at least it *looks* that way (you never know with this guy). Is it the Deep State to embarrass Trump and his new Attorney General? That sounds more likely. If so, how did the Deep State make a shady deal with Ecuador over Trump´s head to get Assange´s asylum revoked? By promising them more kickbacks in the event of a Dem-Never Trump victory in 2020? Of course, I suppose it´s possible that Trump made a deal with the military, who want Assange and Manning behind bars, in return for something else Trump wants. 

Two other things. One: Forget about Assange being extradited to Sweden to face rape charges, Sweden is a non-entity when the big guys fight it out on the world stage. Two: Wikileaks revealed that Hillary Clinton had tried to sabotage the primary election campaign of Bernie Sanders. That´s usually considered news-worthy, so why would our “responsible” journalists want to cover it up, I wonder…?

Oh, and three: it wasn´t the damn cat.

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