Monday, April 22, 2019

Some black pills

Probably not the savior of the West 

Some black pills…

The United States is a great power in decline. Russia and China are in ascendancy. At some point, the US will therefore leave Europe. This will make Europe part of the Russosphere or even Sinosphere.

Mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa, combined with low birth rights among Europeans, might turn large portions of Europe into a predominantly African-Muslim area.

In fact, Europe might simply collapse. It might become an inconsequential border region, used by Russia, China and the Middle East to dump their undesirables.

Russia won´t intervene to “save Western civilization”, as envisaged by the right-wing nationalists. First, Russia isn´t of the West. Second, Russia couldn´t care less about what immigration policy Sweden or Germany has, as long as it doesn´t threaten Russia´s security interests (say, enables Islamists to establish bases from which to attack Russia). Russia is multi-ethnic and has many immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. Some of their allies are Muslim, such as the Chechen leadership and their mercenary troops. Saviors of the West? LOL! Third, uncontrolled mass immigration to Western European enemy nations could be *good* for Russia since it destabilizes those nations. Why wouldn´t Russia favor it? They could also get rid of their own undesirables that way.

Unless Israel makes a deal with Russia, they are fucked in the long run.

The question is whether the US will leave Europe under relatively peaceful and controlled forms, or whether there will be a war between pro-Russian and pro-American European states, say between France (pro) and a German-British axis (contra)?

Since most populists are right-wing free marketeers, they can´t stop immigration, which is necessary for the free market economy to run smoothly – unless they are willing to lead a dramatic transformation of the entire world economy back to a “colonial” model in which the cheap labor is segregated in the colonies, far away from the White ethnic enclaves of the privileged European middle classes. And even if they are, the domestic working class will be hurt anyway. Therefore, the natural course of right-wing populism (outside France) is to ally with the neo-liberal wing of the BAU establishment around a defense of the status quo (minus labor unions and welfare systems).

For this reason, current right-wing populism will soon become part of the System. Of course, in the next round of events, it will probably be rejected by the electorate.

The Swedish welfare state is essentially fucked at this point. It won´t survive another wave of uncontrolled mass immigration and/or economic downturn. The next Swedish government might be a coalition of the Conservatives, the Christian Democrats and the Sweden Democrats, on a anti-immigration free market program. Only the free market program will be implemented.

The working class won´t “fight back”. It´s too heavily split along ethnic lines, or will be so in the near future. Outside Greece, there was no “working class fight back” during the finance crisis which began in 2008. In Sweden, the right-wing government was re-elected! And this was before the migrant crisis.

There will be more terrorism, both Islamist and right-wing. In the future, perhaps left-wing terrorists will join the fray. Part and parcel…

The insanity of the rapacious but effete chattering classes won´t stop. Quite the contrary, they will become *even more insane* in the future. We will see liberals accept sharia courts and clan voting, feminists convert to ISIS, child molestation on a massive scale in the name of “trans rights”, etc. The World Wide Web will be tightly regulated, effectively strangling those currents dependent on it (libertarians, Alt Right, etc).

There will be more nuclear power.

All of the above may be wrong, or grossly oversimplified. Complicating factors include: the impact of global, man-made climate change (yes, it´s real, get over it), environmental degradation in general, the breakdown of the basic health care system combined with mass die-offs in the event of a global pandemic that can´t be cured by antibiotics, the threat of nuclear war, the latest idiosyncratic gyrations of a guy named Donald, etc.

And no, giving “critical support” to Corbyn won´t change any of the above.

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  1. Om det forskarkonsensus som finn om global uppvärmning stämmer - och det är jag helt övertygad om - och om det inte mycket snart sätts in mycket radikala insatser för att förhindra uppvärmningen - vilket jag är övertygad om att det inte kommer att göras - kommer snart alla de andra frågorna att vara helt marginaliserade.

    När klimatkatastrofen blir alltför uppenbar för alla kommer det till sist kanske leda till den världsrevolution som yttersta vänstern drömt om så länge. Problemet är ju att då kan det vara alldeles för sen.