Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bigfoot evidence?

A new “human species” named Homo luzonensis (Luzon Man) has been discovered in the Philippines. He is said to have been smaller than the famous “Hobbit” discovered at the island of Flores in Indonesia.

This is getting more and more ridiculous…

OK, here´s my theory: Homo luzonensis and Homo floresiensis were really small australopithecines, and their descendants are tojour vivant in the form of…you guessed it…Orang-pendek.

Meanwhile, Homo naledi (another new “human” species) might actually *be* Australopithecus. And if australopithecines survived into relatively recent times, what about Bigfoot?

Another thing that struck me recently is how the supposedly wrong and discarded “multi-regional hypothesis” of Homo sapiens evolution is slowly crawling back through the back door. I mean, what else than “multi-regional” should we call the fact that non-Africans in general and Europeans in particular were interbreeding with Neanderthals, while Papuans apparently have Denisovan genes, and many Africans have genes from a hitherto undiscovered species of pre-sapiens human.

Also, how can the Out of Africa scenario be correct if Africans have genes from archaic pre-sapiens humans, while such genes are lacking outside Africa? If so, the ancestors of non-African humans must have left Africa (or at least tropical Africa) a *very* long time ago, much earlier than hitherto believed…

Next week: Ashtar Command tries to find the Ural-Altaic Urheimat at the shores of the Yalu River!

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