Saturday, April 13, 2019

Make America Great Again?

I think it´s obvious where all this is headed…

SYRIA: Bashar Assad has de facto won the civil war, although the US still support the Kurdish enclave in the north.

LIBYA: Khalifa Haftar, the supposed “warlord”, really a legitimate power-player armed and abetted by many foreign governments, will probably take power there in the near future. He is widely seen as a Russian asset and is said to have promised the Russians two military bases on Libyan soil.

EUROPE: Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, and Serbia have good relations with Russia, Austria is so pro-Russian that other European intelligence services no longer trade information with them. And Austria is a “Western” nation, not some post-Communist ex-Soviet banana republic. France might go pro-Russian if and when Madame Le Pen wins the presidential elections. Italy has also joined a Chinese-dominated economic alliance. In Britain, Brexit betrayal is looming (bad for Russia) but it might lead to a serious political crisis in the near future (good for Russia). If Brexit does happen, Scotland might leave the UK and Northern Ireland be plunged into another “time of troubles”. Good bye, Great Britain!

VENEZUELA: Where is that democratic revolution you promised me?

AFRICA: China is huge in Africa.

ALGERIA: Good relations with Russia and China, although this might change if the local “color revolution” gets successful. It hasn´t yet.

UKRAINE: Russia will never leave Crimea.

JAPAN: Is re-arming itself?

NORTH KOREA: The most surreal scenario of them all. Is Trump actually giving away American hegemony in Korea to China? Couple this with his enigmatic statements about Japan, and it looks as if the US is setting the stage to leave the East Asian theatre altogether?!

AFGHANISTAN: The US is seriously considering negotiations with the Taliban. If US leaves, Afghanistan will become part of the Russosphere or Sinosphere (or simply a failed state - or even more failed than at present). Chinese companies already mining rare earths in Afghanistan.

TURKEY: Couldn´t care less about what America thinks, makes deals with Russia.

IRAQ: Set to become pro-Iranian?

RUSSIA: Stable.

CHINA: Stable.

UNITED STATES: Not very stable.

If this is how Trump wants to “Make America Great Again”, he isn´t being very successful. He can´t even get rid of Maduro, who is in his own back yard! Of course, none of this is Trump´s fault. Declining US power is a “structural” problem and has been working itself out for a long time. With Clinton as president, the US might have been even worse off, considering her adventurist foreign policy in Syria. 

Still, I think it´s obvious which way this is headed. Russia and China will at some point take over as the world´s new great powers. 

This also explains the Russian Collusion Narrative in the United States – it´s a distorted reflection of the decline of US power globally. Funny it´s the *Democrats* who peddle it. Of course, conspiracist distortions won´t solve the issue. Cui bono? It could almost be argued that the constant sabotage attempts of the Trump presidency plays in the hands of, you know, Russia or something…

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