Thursday, April 18, 2019

One billion Chinese can´t be wrong

A clip from YouTube about the Yeren, the Chinese Wildman or "Bigfoot", supposedly found in the Shennongjia forest in southern China. The debates about the Yeren´s existence seem to be similar to the Bigfoot controversies in the United States, with skeptics declaring (not entirely unreasonably) that such a creature just can´t exist, while ordinary people keep seeing them anyway. The local cryptozoologists point to fossil evidence for Gigantopithecus, hair samples (DNA testing inconclusive but probably human) or casts of footprints. The only thing missing is a Patterson-Gimlin film. On the other hand, the Chinese Academy of Sciences actually sent an expedition to Shennongjia. Imagine the Smithsonian searching for the Sasquatch in, let´s say, Washington State...

The supernatural element, while not explicitly mentioned in this Chinese-produced clip (PRC being secular and nominally Communist), is clearly also present, as when the weapon of one the eye-witnesses malfunctioned at the exact moment he was trying to bag himself a Wildman. I have no idea whether some forest in Hubei province can house a breeding population of Gigantopitheci, but I *can* think of a supernatural explanation. 

The Yeren is the "ghost" or astral shell of Giganto. There, I said it. 

Now what?

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